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ViserPay is all-in-one Mobile Financial Services (MFS), offering a comprehensive solution for effortlessly launching your Mobile Financial Services (MFS) business. Our package comprises a User App, Agent App, Merchant App, Landing Page, Admin Panel, Agent Panel, and Merchant Panel. It’s an out-of-the-box solution that ensures a seamless start to your financial venture with ViserPay.

Mobile Financial Services (MFS) is a technique of delivering monetary services that combines banking with mobile wireless networks, enabling customers to conduct banking and other financial transactions using their cell phones. Are you looking for a complete Mobile Financial Services solution for your business, then you are in the right place. No need to pay thousands of dollars to hire developers to build your Mobile Financial Services Applications. we are also here to provide you with the best support, installation, and customization if you need it. hurry up, get your copy, and start your Mobile Financial Services Business Today.

Demo Access:

System WebAdmin:
User App: Download Here
Agent App: Download Here
Merchant App: Download Here

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Exclusive Features:

  • Transaction by QR Code.
  • Mobile Recharge.
  • Money Transfers.
  • Secure Payments.
  • Convenient Cashout.
  • Bill Payments.
  • Bank Transfers.
  • Charitable Donation System.
  • Easy Add Money System.
  • Multi-Level Security.
  • Fingerprint Login.
  • Promotional Push Notifications.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • Dedicated Agent App and Panel.
  • Tailored Merchant App and Panel.
  • Effortless Withdrawal System.
  • Smooth Cash-in Process for Agents.
  • Agent Commission System.
  • And Many More….

User Features:

- Easy Sign-In and Sign-Up Process.
- Email and SMS Verification.
- 2FA Security and KYC Verification.
- Fingerprint Login System.
- Send Money System.
- Cash Out System.
- Pay Bill System.
- Bank Transfer System.
- Donation System.
- Add Money System.
- Recharge System.
- Payment System.
- Payment with QR Code.
- Send Money with QR Code.
- Cash Out with QR Code.
- FAQ Section.
- Account Deletion.
- Enable Push Notification and Fingerprint.
- Change PIN.
- Forget Password Section.
- Update Profile.
- Promotional Banner.
- And Many More….

Admin Features:

- Informative Dashboard.
- User Section.
- Agent Section.
- Merchant Section.
- KYC Settings.
- Add Mobile Operator.
- Mobile Recharge Section.
- Utility Bills.
- Donation Section.
- Bank Transfer Section.
- Configure Payment Gateway.
- Deposits.
- Withdrawals.
- Support Ticket.
- Reports.
- General Settings.
- Limits and Charges.
- System Configuration.
- Module Settings.
- QR Code Templates.
- Language.
- Notification Settings.
- Manage Section.
- And Many More….

Agent Features:

- Aesthetic Dashboard.
- Easy Cash-In System.
- Multi-Language System .
- Transaction Screen with Filter Option.
- Add Money System.
- Withdraw Method Adding System.
- Withdraw Money System.
- QR Code System.
- Transaction with QR Code.
- 2FA Security.
- KYC Verification.
- Account Delete System (App).
- Update Password.
- Email and SMS Verification.
- Forget Password System.
- And Many More…

Merchant Features:

- Easy Sign-In and Sign-Up System.
- Email and SMS Verification.
- Multi-Language System.
- Transaction Screen with Filter Option.
- QR Code System.
- 2FA Security.
- KYC Verification.
- Add Convenient Withdraw Method.
- Withdraw Money System.
- View Withdrawal History.
- Forget Password System.
- And Many More…

Built for the future

- Using the best, future-proof, and secure stack known to the world: Bootstrap, Laravel framework, jQuery.

What will you get along with this script?

- Full Source Code
- Project Documentation
- Full Project Database

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Support Facility:

Please send us any of your questions or queries like presale queries, after-sales support requests, customization requests, and any other queries to

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