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ShibaLab, a laravel made Cloud Shiba Coin mining platform that enables a great opportunity to create your own ShibaCoin mining website. worlds becoming cashless and crypto becoming popular day by day. it’s a $20.42 Billion industry currently. a lot of people are now interested in running their Shiba mining platform, as they believe Shiba become the next dogecoin and create a revolution in the crypto market. 1 SHIB equals 0.000035 USD. The current value of 1 Shiba Inu is +21.68% against the exchange rate of USD 3rd March 2024. The current Shiba Inu market cap is $20.42B United States Dollars. we have hundreds of requests to develop such items and we collect ideas from some of our clients and their needs, we have the intention to update it, but it depends on your choice, depends on the sale, and the update request.

Are you looking for a complete Shiba Coin mining solution system for your business, then you are in the right place. No need to pay thousands of dollars to hire developers to build your Doge Website. ShibaLab is a complete cloud mining platform, that gives profits to users by following rules set by the admin. Shiba Inu token is a decentralized cryptocurrency created in August 2020 by an anonymous person or group using the pseudonym “Ryoshi”. ShibaLab is easily installable, and controllable through the admin panel, comes with a responsive design, high security, interactive User interface, support plugins, LiveChat, automatic payment gateway, Multiple languages, and more.

Demo Access:

Admin Access:

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User Dashboard Features

- OneClick Shiba Wallet-Based Access.
- Instant Easy Deposit Method.
- Easy Withdrawal Anytime Anywhere.
- Referal System Included.
- Instant Referal Link.
- QR Based Deposit.
- Multiple Language Facility.
- Deposit Logs.
- Withdrawal Logs.
- Referral Income logs.
- SMS Notification System.
- Email Notification System.
- And more….

Admin Features

- Accounts Management.
- Deposits Management.
- Withdrawals Management.
- Referral Logs Management.
- Mining Tracks Management.
- Payment Credential Management.
- Subscribers Management.
- General Setting Management.
- Cron Job Setting Management.
- System Configuration Management.
- Logo & Favicon Management.
- Extensions Management.
- Language Management.
- SEO Manager.
- Notification Management.
- Manage Pages.
- Manage Section.
- Policy Pages Management.
- Social Icons Management.
- Config Maintenance Mode.
- GDPR Cookie Management.
- Application Management.
- Custom CSS Management.
- And more…

Built for the future

Using the best, future-proof, and secure stack known to the world: Bootstrap, Laravel framework, jQuery.

What will you get along with this script?

- Full Source Code
- Project Documentation
- Full Project Database

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Support Facility:

Please send us any of your questions or query like presale queries, after-sales support requests, customization requests, and any other queries to:

NOTES: We are an exclusive author here at Envato market and all of our items come with an Envato license. We write each line of code by maintaining security, if you use an unauthorized version and face any issues/errors or face any security issues then we are not responsible for that. Before purchasing, please check our demo, you will get all the same functionalities as our demo has.